Task 6 – Evaluation

Evaluation means to see the value in something. We want to know how the game was for you.

The way of the warrior has been a very interesting journey for me. It made me realize that making a difference is not a complicated process at all. If you look beyond the obvious and observe well enough, you will see where to create positive and lasting impact.

At first, I had plans of what to post on my blog……then came the tasks! The tasks to me were like a wake up call into consciousness in the reality I live in.  Task 1 made look inwards at myself and think about the reasons for what I do. Task 2 brought to my consciousness the amount of energy I consume and how not to waste, in otherwards use only what is necessary. From Task 3, I was able to look around in my community to see where I can create impact and cause positive change. In Task 4, I looked for partnership in making this change a reality. The change became a reality in Task 5. Now, looking back, I know it was worth all the time and effort spent on it.

I have always known that I am an agent of change, (everybody can be if they harnessed the opportunity), but I never saw change in the simplicity presented by the way of the warrior. Now I know (from experience) that change can be easy, simple and does not have to cost much.  My only challenges were: not owning a picture or video camera and the uncertainty of internet services.


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Task 5

We are crazy to see you in action! The time has come to generate transformation in your community. Using the plan that you have done and the resources you have gathered. This is not a common story…imagination and creativity! Tell us what happened in an inspiring way! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…GO!

It was a bright Saturday morning that we assembled to clean. The time was 7am, so that group members can still meet up with their other engagements for the day. We started with sweeping, cob webbing, dusting and scooping water from some parts of the premises and the auditorium where there was water from the previous day’s rain. Then we wash the toilets, mopped the auditorium and thoroughly swept and scrubbed the entire premises.



The group saw the Church Cleaning Exercise as an avenue to work together within the group. Members of the group are able to pay for a service provider to clean the church but welcomed the idea of working together for additional benefits of group interaction, connection and bonding.

It was fun to work with other people and even better when we know we are making a difference. Let’s do this again’ I said. ‘Yes definitely’ someone answered ‘I think so too’, said another. And so it was discussed and agreed that we will clean again the next Saturday and the next and the next…. Yes, it became a weekly activity. Sometimes making a difference is not as complicated as we might think. We had a picnic later that same day to celebrate the group and to say well-done to ourselves. We all brought something and met by 4pm later in the day at the ETB Park Alausa Ikeja, Lagos.

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Task 4

Now is your chance to make a difference and do it! Decide who can help you and by what means. Tell us how you managed to gather people and who they are. List the skills and resources you can count on. Show your planning.

The PLAN: My first choice of people to work with is young people. The challenge is to gather young people who also attend the church to clean the church collectively. If young people are organised and convinced, they will be able to clean at no cost.

The Dream: for this activity to be made a weekly activity for the DC Citizens. I believe that most people have a sincere desire to cause positive change and will take action if they realise how simple it can be to make an impact.

The Approach: To meet with the team leaders of DC Citizens. I am a member of the group and volunteer my skills, and time for its activities. I will share my idea with the group leaders and find a way getting many of the group members to participate in the exercise.

Action + Progress: After meeting with the group leaders, they liked the idea. They also like the idea of it becoming a group activity.  However there has to be a majority agreement of group members for it to become a regular exercise of the whole group. We have not finanlised on the date to carry out the activity…..hopefully it will continue.

Within the group the following resources can be found:

  • leadership
  • facilitation
  • networking
  • co-ordination
  • administration
  • creative direction
  • project management
  • good will
  • desire to cause change
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Task 3

Look for single aspects that can be improved in a community you part of (your home, neighborhood, school, work etc) share with us in details how you plan to do this.

The IDEA: Do a thorough cleaning of the church building, the compound and the entire premises. I believe that if people are organised and convinced, they will be able to clean the church at no cost.

Background: The service provider in charge of cleaning the church building, adjourning offices and the entire premises, recently relocate and the church premises has not been in its best condition since.

The Why?

  • Cleaning the place requires no formal training.
  • It is relatively easy and cheap to accomplish.
  • It is fun to work with other people.
  • It can be done on a day when most people are not very busy like Saturday.
  • People will feel a connection to the activity because they see it as part of their own.
  • Everyone would be contributing to a positive activity.
  • It is an interactive exercise that can foster group bonding.

The Plan: I will approach members of DC Citizens. Approach: Since I am a member of the group and volunteer my services for its activities, I will share my idea with them and work towards getting many of the members to participate in the exercise.

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Task 2

Small individual attitudes might generate a huge collective change.

My Excess: As little as I have. I know that there is someone out there who has less than I do. I took a conscious look at my things and realised that there are some I have not used for some time. I pictured a new home for them in my mind….and off  I sent them to their new owners…!

Item Donation
1 White beads necklace and ear rings Amaka ( my friend at work)
2 2 cotton dresses, 1 white tank top, a pair of silver ear rings Oge ( my cousin)
34 1 navy blue skirtA brown bead necklace and a flowered shirt Oyinkan, (my friend at work)Patience ( my friend at work
5 1 black stripe trousers, I grey trousers, 2 cotton ankle length dresses, I black shirt, 1 stripe sleeveless top, 1 white short, 2 handbags (1 black and 1 brown). St. Vincent de Paul (a faith based non-profit organization that receives donations in cash and kind and distributes them to the poor.)

My Waste: is someone’s treasure

Organized recycling where ‘waste’ products are reprocessed for further use has not found a footing in Nigeria yet. There is no direct recycling system. However, people can recycle (though indirect) by recovering and reusing ‘waste’ products, things that otherwise would have been thrown away. I now make a conscious effort to recycle. Not everything needs to be thrown away after their first use. In 1 week I tried to ‘recycle’ things that I would ordinarily have thrown away.

Item Recycle
1 Used A4 paper Print draft documents on reverse side
2 Kitchen bowl Turned into a jewelry box
3 Used plastic curry powder jar with cover Washed and used to store detergent
4 Egg shells Grinded and used as scouring powder for pots and pans.
Things Thrown Away: used paper, chewing gum wraps, banana peels, peanut husk , etc





My Consumption: Everything I consume has an impact in the world.

After observing the things I consume, in a period of 1 week, I was able to economise down on some of them. I didn’t realise I consume that much, I had to cut down on snacks which were not really neccessary…

Previously consumed Within the past 1 week Economized
1 4 – 6 bottles of soft drinks (35cl each) 0 140cl – 210cl ( N200.00 – N300.00) about $1.50 – $2
2 3 meals x 7 days = 21 meals. Decided to eat meals only when I am hungry. 3+2+3+2+2+2+2=16 meals 5 meals
3 1 – 2 hours television time 30minutes – 1 hour Saved about 7 – 14 hours
4 I made conscious effort to put off every light bulb that is not in use. I can’t measure it but I know certainly that some energy was saved.
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My First Task

Who am I now?


I am a young Nigerian who is passionate about seeing other young people take responsibility for themselves. I want to see young people focus their energy on the things they can change instead of worrying about the things they cannot change.

 How do you feel?

I feel certain that I can make impact and cause change no matter how small using the available resources and working with other people to achieve a purpose

 What are your dreams?

I have a dream of a society where young people are involved fully in what is happening in the communities; where young people take responsibility for themselves and for their actions. I know that this dream will happen because I live daily in its reality.

 What are your challenges?

The major challenge is that young people do not see themselves as leaders who can make visible impact now. There is no structured training and mentoring framework in the system that will create a pattern of succession for young people who would become decision makers tomorrows.

My purpose Why do you want to take part in the Warriors Without Weapons 2011?

I want to hear and know what other people are doing and how they are achieving positive results in their communities. I want to share experience with other young people around the world. I would like to be a part of and contribute to the development of a project in a community in Brazil. This will enable me replicate it in my community. I believe there is always something to learn when people gather and work together to achieve common goal.

My action  Have you ever done something which demonstrates that you are a “Warrior Without Weapons”? Tell us

I have worked with young people for about five years as a trained facilitator and counselor. I worked with Kudirat Initiative for Democracy (KIND), where I worked

Me facilitating in Kudra Young Women Leadrship Workshop

with young women for more than two years. I coordinated aspects of the young women leadership training programme for female

university students called Kudra. In my work with KIND, I had the opportunity to design programmes targeted at young women and girls. I was in charge of the Junior Kudra project where I was able to adapt the Kudra curriculum to fit younger participants in secondaryschools. The pilot training was carried out in June 2007 and so far the project has trained over200 girls in secondary schools.

In 2008, I participated in the Young Women Knowledge and Leadership Institute (YOWLI) Dakar, Senegal. During the training I was team leader of the group that transformed the Maraima Ba school hall into an International Conference center. I also co-directed the presentation of V-Monologues, a stage presentation of the challen

YOWLI V-Monologues

ges of

women which is targeted to fight violence against women.

I currently volunteer on for DC-Citizens, a faith based group in Lagos that works to improve the lifestyle of young people through job creation and personal development initiatives.

My commitment  What are your plans? What do you want to do when you return from the program?

I will apply the techniques and methodologies I learn during the WWW 2011 in my work and my community. My capacity to network and partner with other people will increase as I will continue to maintain contact that will help in my work and personal life. My capacity to reach young people in my community will also increase with my participation in the Warriors Without Weapons 2011 program.

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Cherish Your Heritage

I am proud of the heritage that I have. Being African (and of Nigerian origin) is a thing of joy to me. Its rich culture that can be seen in the dressing, food, music, festivals/ceremonies, languages, skin colours etc is something to be preserved.

Flying the cultural flag

It is possible that studying Sociology & Anthropology made me aware of these things and has led me to appreciate them more. It is also possible that curiosity in the things around me helped me realise the depth of the beauty around me. I remember as a child I used to play dress up with my mother’s wrappers, tying them around my waist, chest and using them to attempt the traditional head gear (gele). Education did not teach me that, it was something within that fascinated me and is drawn to the beauty around.

Within the last 5 years, I have worked with young people of different ages. And it pains me when we show little regard for that which gives us our identity. As young people we are the custodians of everything African tomorrow. If we do not cherish it and pass it on, there may not be anything left to pass on tomorrow. Africa may just have been another name for some lost heritage (I hope not!).

Wherever, you are or come from, you have a heritage that you can hold on to and preserve if you chose to. But you can only hold on to it or preserve it if you value it. Whatever you have, can be applied to suit the now. If you will agree with me, there is always an aspect of yesterday that is found in today…and the cycle continues.

I created this blog (at this time) primarily because a blog is part of the requirements for participating in the Warriors Without Weapons program for 2011, but the love of my heritage is something I have always been proud of.

Join me and share some of the things you find interesting about your heritage.

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