Task 1

My First Task

Who am I now?


I am a young Nigerian who is passionate about seeing other young people take responsibility for themselves. I want to see young people focus their energy on the things they can change instead of worrying about the things they cannot change.

 How do you feel?

I feel certain that I can make impact and cause change no matter how small using the available resources and working with other people to achieve a purpose

 What are your dreams?

I have a dream of a society where young people are involved fully in what is happening in the communities; where young people take responsibility for themselves and for their actions. I know that this dream will happen because I live daily in its reality.

 What are your challenges?

The major challenge is that young people do not see themselves as leaders who can make visible impact now. There is no structured training and mentoring framework in the system that will create a pattern of succession for young people who would become decision makers tomorrows.

My purpose Why do you want to take part in the Warriors Without Weapons 2011?

I want to hear and know what other people are doing and how they are achieving positive results in their communities. I want to share experience with other young people around the world. I would like to be a part of and contribute to the development of a project in a community in Brazil. This will enable me replicate it in my community. I believe there is always something to learn when people gather and work together to achieve common goal.

My action  Have you ever done something which demonstrates that you are a “Warrior Without Weapons”? Tell us

I have worked with young people for about five years as a trained facilitator and counselor. I worked with Kudirat Initiative for Democracy (KIND), where I worked

Me facilitating in Kudra Young Women Leadrship Workshop

with young women for more than two years. I coordinated aspects of the young women leadership training programme for female

university students called Kudra. In my work with KIND, I had the opportunity to design programmes targeted at young women and girls. I was in charge of the Junior Kudra project where I was able to adapt the Kudra curriculum to fit younger participants in secondaryschools. The pilot training was carried out in June 2007 and so far the project has trained over200 girls in secondary schools.

In 2008, I participated in the Young Women Knowledge and Leadership Institute (YOWLI) Dakar, Senegal. During the training I was team leader of the group that transformed the Maraima Ba school hall into an International Conference center. I also co-directed the presentation of V-Monologues, a stage presentation of the challen

YOWLI V-Monologues

ges of

women which is targeted to fight violence against women.

I currently volunteer on for DC-Citizens, a faith based group in Lagos that works to improve the lifestyle of young people through job creation and personal development initiatives.

My commitment  What are your plans? What do you want to do when you return from the program?

I will apply the techniques and methodologies I learn during the WWW 2011 in my work and my community. My capacity to network and partner with other people will increase as I will continue to maintain contact that will help in my work and personal life. My capacity to reach young people in my community will also increase with my participation in the Warriors Without Weapons 2011 program.


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