Hello World

I cant say why it took me this long to have a blog….
but here I am finally with a voice on the net.

Hope this relationship will last for a long time…
Now some encouragement for the new girl on the block… hurray!

what are the pressing issues?
from where I am in Nigeria…..lots of them…

Call me Neka.
I work for a non-profit organization in Nigeria.


About Neka

I work for a non-profit organization. I believe in the ability of young people to cause change and find joy working with them to bring about positive change in our society. I have more than 5 years experience working with non-profits. I am an alumnus of the Young Women Knowledge and Leadership Institute (YOWLI) Dakar, Senegal and was also trained under the British Council/World Bank Institute Debate to Action (DTA) Project. I have been trained as a peer educator trainer and counselor and participated in the NYSC/UNICEF adolescent reproductive health and HIV/AIDS prevention project for the training and mentoring of in-school youths on reproductive health and HIV/AIDS prevention, care and control.
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One Response to Hello World

  1. Bernard Nyadida says:

    Hello Neka your way is trully the way of a warrior…..am ispired by your experience in the program

    My name is Bernard Nyadida i come from Kisumu Kenya…..am looking forward to one of www programs

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