Task 5

We are crazy to see you in action! The time has come to generate transformation in your community. Using the plan that you have done and the resources you have gathered. This is not a common story…imagination and creativity! Tell us what happened in an inspiring way! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…GO!

It was a bright Saturday morning that we assembled to clean. The time was 7am, so that group members can still meet up with their other engagements for the day. We started with sweeping, cob webbing, dusting and scooping water from some parts of the premises and the auditorium where there was water from the previous day’s rain. Then we wash the toilets, mopped the auditorium and thoroughly swept and scrubbed the entire premises.



The group saw the Church Cleaning Exercise as an avenue to work together within the group. Members of the group are able to pay for a service provider to clean the church but welcomed the idea of working together for additional benefits of group interaction, connection and bonding.

It was fun to work with other people and even better when we know we are making a difference. Let’s do this again’ I said. ‘Yes definitely’ someone answered ‘I think so too’, said another. And so it was discussed and agreed that we will clean again the next Saturday and the next and the next…. Yes, it became a weekly activity. Sometimes making a difference is not as complicated as we might think. We had a picnic later that same day to celebrate the group and to say well-done to ourselves. We all brought something and met by 4pm later in the day at the ETB Park Alausa Ikeja, Lagos.


About Neka

I work for a non-profit organization. I believe in the ability of young people to cause change and find joy working with them to bring about positive change in our society. I have more than 5 years experience working with non-profits. I am an alumnus of the Young Women Knowledge and Leadership Institute (YOWLI) Dakar, Senegal and was also trained under the British Council/World Bank Institute Debate to Action (DTA) Project. I have been trained as a peer educator trainer and counselor and participated in the NYSC/UNICEF adolescent reproductive health and HIV/AIDS prevention project for the training and mentoring of in-school youths on reproductive health and HIV/AIDS prevention, care and control.
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3 Responses to Task 5

  1. Neka:thanx ,I also like the way you trying to change the world .I like it most when you say:”I am proud of the heritage that I have. Being African (and of Nigerian origin) is a thing of joy to me…”

    james bayanai

  2. Mama_nma says:

    You did good sister. I love it.

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