Task 6 – Evaluation

Evaluation means to see the value in something. We want to know how the game was for you.

The way of the warrior has been a very interesting journey for me. It made me realize that making a difference is not a complicated process at all. If you look beyond the obvious and observe well enough, you will see where to create positive and lasting impact.

At first, I had plans of what to post on my blog……then came the tasks! The tasks to me were like a wake up call into consciousness in the reality I live in.  Task 1 made look inwards at myself and think about the reasons for what I do. Task 2 brought to my consciousness the amount of energy I consume and how not to waste, in otherwards use only what is necessary. From Task 3, I was able to look around in my community to see where I can create impact and cause positive change. In Task 4, I looked for partnership in making this change a reality. The change became a reality in Task 5. Now, looking back, I know it was worth all the time and effort spent on it.

I have always known that I am an agent of change, (everybody can be if they harnessed the opportunity), but I never saw change in the simplicity presented by the way of the warrior. Now I know (from experience) that change can be easy, simple and does not have to cost much.  My only challenges were: not owning a picture or video camera and the uncertainty of internet services.



About Neka

I work for a non-profit organization. I believe in the ability of young people to cause change and find joy working with them to bring about positive change in our society. I have more than 5 years experience working with non-profits. I am an alumnus of the Young Women Knowledge and Leadership Institute (YOWLI) Dakar, Senegal and was also trained under the British Council/World Bank Institute Debate to Action (DTA) Project. I have been trained as a peer educator trainer and counselor and participated in the NYSC/UNICEF adolescent reproductive health and HIV/AIDS prevention project for the training and mentoring of in-school youths on reproductive health and HIV/AIDS prevention, care and control.
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