I am proud of the heritage that I have. Being African (and of Nigerian origin) is a thing of joy to me. Its rich culture that can be seen in the dressing, food, music, festivals/ceremonies, languages, skin colour etc is something to be preserved.

It is possible that studying Sociology & Anthropology made me aware of these things and has led me to appreciate them more. It is also possible that curiosity in the things around me helped me realise the depth of the beauty around me. I remember as a child I used to play dress up with my mother’s wrappers, tying them around my waist, chest and using them to attempt the traditional head gear (gele). Education did not teach me that, it was something within that fascinated me.

Within the last 5 years, I have worked with young people of different ages. And it pains me when we show little regard for that which gives us our identity. As young people we are the custodians of everything African tomorrow. If we do not cherish it and pass it on, there may not anything left to pass on tomorrow. Africa may just have been another name for some lost heritage (I hope not!).

I created this blog (at this time) primarily because a blog is part of the requirements for participating in the Warriors Without Weapons program for 2011, but the love of my heritage is something I have always been proud of.

Join me and share some of the things you find interesting about your heritage.

Proudly Nigerian


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