Task 2

Small individual attitudes might generate a huge collective change.

My Excess: As little as I have. I know that there is someone out there who has less than I do. I took a conscious look at my things and realised that there are some I have not used for some time. I pictured a new home for them in my mind….and off  I sent them to their new owners…!

Item Donation
1 White beads necklace and ear rings Amaka ( my friend at work)
2 2 cotton dresses, 1 white tank top, a pair of silver ear rings Oge ( my cousin)
34 1 navy blue skirtA brown bead necklace and a flowered shirt Oyinkan, (my friend at work)Patience ( my friend at work
5 1 black stripe trousers, I grey trousers, 2 cotton ankle length dresses, I black shirt, 1 stripe sleeveless top, 1 white short, 2 handbags (1 black and 1 brown). St. Vincent de Paul (a faith based non-profit organization that receives donations in cash and kind and distributes them to the poor.)

My Waste: is someone’s treasure

Organized recycling where ‘waste’ products are reprocessed for further use has not found a footing in Nigeria yet. There is no direct recycling system. However, people can recycle (though indirect) by recovering and reusing ‘waste’ products, things that otherwise would have been thrown away. I now make a conscious effort to recycle. Not everything needs to be thrown away after their first use. In 1 week I tried to ‘recycle’ things that I would ordinarily have thrown away.  

Item Recycle
1 Used A4 paper Print draft documents on reverse side
2 Kitchen bowl Turned into a jewelry box
3 Used plastic curry powder jar with cover Washed and used to store detergent
4 Egg shells Grinded and used as scouring powder for pots and pans.
Things Thrown Away: used paper, chewing gum wraps, banana peels, peanut husk , etc

My Consumption: Everything I consume has an impact in the world.

After observing the things I consume, in a period of 1 week, I was able to economise down on some of them. I didn’t realise I consume that much, I had to cut down on snacks which were not really neccessary…

Previously consumed Within the past 1 week Economized
1 4 – 6 bottles of soft drinks (35cl each) 0 140cl – 210cl ( N200.00 – N300.00) about $1.50 – $2
2 3 meals x 7 days = 21 meals. Decided to eat meals only when I am hungry. 3+2+3+2+2+2+2=16 meals 5 meals
3 1 – 2 hours television time 30minutes – 1 hour Saved about 7 – 14 hours
4 I made conscious effort to put off every light bulb that is not in use. I can’t measure it but I know certainly that some energy was saved.


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