Task 3

Look for single aspects that can be improved in a community you part of (your home, neighborhood, school, work etc) share with us in details how you plan to do this.

The IDEA: Do a thorough cleaning of the church building, the compound and the entire premises. I believe that if people are organised and convinced, they will be able to clean the church at no cost.

Background: The service provider in charge of cleaning the church building, adjourning offices and the entire premises, recently relocate and the church premises has not been in its best condition since.

The Why?

  • Cleaning the place requires no formal training.
  • It is relatively easy and cheap to accomplish.
  • It is fun to work with other people.
  • It can be done on a day when most people are not very busy like Saturday.
  • People will feel a connection to the activity because they see it as part of their own.
  • Everyone would be contributing to a positive activity.
  • It is an interactive exercise that can foster group bonding.

The Plan: I will approach members of DC Citizens. Approach: Since I am a member of the group and volunteer my services for its activities, I will share my idea with them and work towards getting many of the members to participate in the exercise.


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